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Empower Your Legacy

Secure Prosperity Across Generations


T. Sharp Legacy & Wealth Counsel is a boutique firm specializing in asset attainment, business formation and development, succession planning and generational wealth building with over 20 years in helping communities grow, build and succeed.

We assist you in accumulating and securing financial assets that will help you live a prosperous and sustainable life while ensuring that your future generations have a stable and healthy financial foundation. And through education, we teach how to attain prosperity and overcome the psychological and perceived knowledge barriers to wealth attainment.

Our Wealth Building Sectors


Estate Planning
& Administration

Estate planning and administration is crucial to passing down generational wealth.  Imagine working hard all your life to make a better future for your next generations only for the path clouded or blocked in the absence of an estate plan.  An estate plan provides a clear financial and legal way forward for how the wealth you've accumulated during your lifetime (your possessions, properties, land, investments and cash) will for be distributed in the event of your absence.  And an estate plan helps your family avoid the legal fees and family drama that occurs when an estate plan is not in place.  Once a family member has passed , administration of the estate does not need to be a stressful process.  Schedule a consultation and let's discuss how to ensure your wealth becomes generational.


Financial Planning
& Wealth Management

Financial planning is crucial to accumulating generational wealth as a means to end the legacy of systemic inequities passed down from previous generations.  Financial planning for generational wealth is a comprehensive process that involves setting goals, creating a budget, saving and investing for the future, and developing a plan for passing on assets to future generations.  A solid financial plan can help you manage income more effectively, increase cash flows and capital, provide resources during difficult times and provide for your family's financial security.  Passing down generational wealth not only includes passing down accumulated assets;  it includes passing down the knowledge and financial literacy that ensures that wealth will continue to grow in here, now and future.

* Investment advisory services are offered through

T. Sharp Wealth Management, LLC.  


 Business Formation
& Development

Entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool for creating generational wealth. By starting and growing a successful business, an entrepreneur can create a sustainable source of income that can be passed down to future generations. One of the key benefits of entrepreneurship is the potential to build equity in a business. As a business grows and becomes more profitable, the value of the business increases, and the owner's equity in the business grows. This equity can be passed down to future generations, providing a foundation for long-term wealth creation.

If you feel undervalued in your current job or want to find ways to make additional money following your your passion, entrepreneurship is a great option.  Services include start-up consultation and assistance, business entity formation and legal compliance.


Real Property

Investing in real estate can yield a significant increase in assets. Buying a home is not only a place to live, it’s also an investment.  Real property ownership can be a useful strategy for building and passing down generational wealth. This is because owning property can provide a stable source of income through rental income, property appreciation, and potential tax benefits.  Rental income, property appreciation, tax benefits and inheritance are just some of the many ways that real property investments can help you accumulate generational wealth.  Whether you plan on living in the home and passing down as a generational asset or renting it out and enjoying the rental income as your home appreciates, home ownership is a proven creation of a nest egg of wealth!  Let's work together to find an investment solution that best fits your needs.

About T. Sharp

Tiffani Sharp - Wealth Building Attorney California

Tiffani Sharp, Esq., ABFP™

Attorney-at-Law, Investment Advisor, Real Estate Advisor

Tiffani Sharp is the founder of T. Sharp Legacy & Wealth Counsel and the independent RIA firm T. Sharp Wealth Management LLC. She has over 20 years of experience as a licensed attorney.  She is also an investment advisor and real estate advisor and is deeply committed to enhancing the growth and success of undervalued communities. As the founder of T. Sharp Legacy & Wealth Counsel and T. Sharp Wealth Management LLC, the only Black woman-owned independent registered investment advisory firm in the Sacramento area, T. Sharp specializes in asset attainment, business development, estate planning, and generational wealth building. Her career has been marked by her dedication to advancing economic rights for marginalized and underrepresented communities, with extensive work in various legal areas including constitutional law, business and equity law, women’s rights, and immigration.

T. Sharp's expertise is further underscored by her designation as an Accredited Behavioral Finance Professional™ (ABFP™), enhancing her approach to financial services with a focus on psychological factors influencing financial behaviors. She aims to revolutionize financial advice for women and undervalued groups through tailored financial strategies, educational workshops, and the application of behavioral finance principles. T. Sharp’s approach is comprehensive; she not only focuses on financial and investment planning but also on building trusting and empathetic relationships with her clients, aimed at empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve better financial outcomes.

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